Specialty Group Classes

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Braided with Love ~ Feed In Braids
3 Hours

This class will focus on learning to Feed In or add extensions while braiding a cornrow.
Braided with Love ~ Knotless Braids
3 Hours

This class will focus on learning to add in extensions while braiding small, medium and/or large box braids. This method produces the more natural looking box braid.
Braided with Love ~ Crochet Braids
3 Hours

This class will focus on different braiding methods to attain desired Crochet styles. This class will also introduce students to the invisible part method.
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Braided with Love ~ Flat Twist, Twist & Passion Twist
3 Hours

This class will focus on 2 strand twist methods with extensions, including Passion twists.

This class will focus on the twists methods that lay flat on the scalp. This method is similar to the cornrow method except it is conducted using two strands instead of three.
Braided with Love ~ Beads & other Accessories
3 Hours

This class will focus on learning how to install beads and other braid accessories. 
Braided with Love ~ Designer Braids
3 Hours

This course will focus on teaching different braid designs.
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Braided with Love ~ Speed Braiding
3 Hours

This class will focus on how to develop and master speed while braiding.

*Highly recommended class

Other Specialty Classes

Braided with Love ~ The Entrepreneur
This class is will take place in a  salon setting and is designed for Advanced Braiders who have mastered their skills and are ready to become their own BOSSES. Braiders will learn the history of braiding, braid culture, how to become a business, professionalism, sanitation, taxes, marketing & branding, how to gain clients, how to say, No ("All money ain't good money") and much more.

*Will be able to showcase the quality of your work.

5 hours
Braided with Love ~ Fathers with Daughters
2 Hours

This class will focus on teaching Father’s how to care for their child(ren) hair. This class will introduce combing, brushing, braiding and managing hair.

*Recommended for fathers with young daughters